Workout 5/12/2016 – Strongman Conditioning

Got to the gym a little early today, so I decided to get a training in…especially after yesterday, when some old guy at the vitamin store asked me “do you even workout?”. So asshole, this session is dedicated to you. ūüôā Here’s what I did today: 30 rounds Total (= 30 mintes) 30 seconds on,…

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11 Ways to Get Under 10% Body Fat

Summer’s coming. What are you going to to do about it to drop some serious body fat? You probably already have a general idea of what to do when it comes to dropping a few pounds and shape up: Watch the carbs, do some cardio, lower calories, still continue lifting heavy a few days a…

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15 Signs Your a Closet Meathead […And What You Can Do About It]

Let’s face facts. You just might be a meathead. You like to lift.¬†Maybe even a little too much. Plates, dumbbells, kettlebells…hell even a bumper plate will do if that’s all you can get your chalk covered hands on. Nothing gets your blood boiling like training with heavy weights, being sore every couple days, and any…

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Facebook Hack for a More Positive Day

It’s no surprise that people are hooked to social media, more importantly Facebook. If you’re anything like me, you try to live your life with a positive attitude every single day…but did you notice that the second you read something you don’t agree with, or you read someone complaining why their day sucks, you immediately…

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Mindset Check Part 2: The Most Physical Pain I’ve Ever Felt

This is the second part of when I did¬†a Spartan Race back in 2012 with a few of the athletes I trained at the gym. It’s funny how sometimes nothing goes according to plan. But it’s what you do in those situations that show true character.¬†For the first part of this story, click HERE! ===…

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Mindset Check Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm

3 and a half years ago, I felt¬†the most physical pain I’ve ever been in and was faced with a choice. [Keep in mind I’ve broken bones, had surgeries, torn ligaments and muscles…but this story tops them all.] I could quit, or I could tell my mind to keep moving my violently locking body a…

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7 Quick Carbs Tips to Help You Get Leaner for Summer

It’s almost May, which means it’s time us guys start tightening up what we eat without surviving on a diet that consists of spinach and water. Here are 7 surefire ways you can get leaner, have more energy for your workouts, and maintain muscle and strength without cutting carbs out completely: Plan Out Your Week:…

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Fat Loss Myth 1

Fat Loss Myth #1: Light Weights, More Reps to Get Ripped?

All the meatheads at your gym will tell you:¬†“Bro, you gotta do light weights, more reps…you gotta burn the cuts into the muscle.”¬†Okay…lets talk about how stupid this is. Watch this video. While it does have it’s place in training, the light weights, more reps approach may not be the best way to train all…

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Fat Loss Myth 3

Fat Loss Myth #3: One Muscle Group Per Day to Get Ripped?

One body part per day for max fat loss? No friggin’ way. When cutting body fat and lifting weights, you’ve gotta be smart about how you train. They smarter you take your lifting sessions, the less cardio or conditioning you have to do.¬†Fat burning lifting sessions should be treated just¬†like your strength sessions. What does…

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Muscle Myth 1

Muscle Myth #1: Only Heavy Weights for Mass?

Heavy weights are great for building muscle mass, but are they the¬†only way? Nope. Sometimes, we get wrapped up in what equipment we don’t have access to instead of learning to do with what we’ve got. Watch below to see what I mean. Impressive physiques can be built with heavy weights. But that’s not to…

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