It’s snowing here in Jersey. Great. Snow Day.

They’re calling for 8-12 inches, and with school closings and the roads looking exceptionally bad, I closed the gym. So now what?

You take the day off?

You down your pre-workout and you TRAIN.
Get something in no matter what equipment you have access to or how much time you have.

It doesn’t have to be the perfect, chest-blasting session or a crippling leg session – but it needs to be challenging for 2 reasons.

[1] It will fill in the gaps in your training. If the main source of lifting is one style of training (in my case, bodybuilding/strength training), it will help you by doing something you wouldn’t normally do.

[2] It will be challenging because chances are if you have to improvise, you won’t be so good at it, due to the fact that you’re out of your element.

Here’s what I did, and all you need is a dumbbell or kettlebell (which EVERYONE should have in case of emergencies like snow days). You don’t have one, I would get one or two for the next time you can’t get to the gym.

I used a 16kg kettlebell and tried to finish as quickly as possible.

1000 Rep Snow Day Workout, 10 Rounds:

KB/DB Snatch x 10
KB/DB Swing x 10
Bodyweight Squat x 10
KB/DB Row x 10
Pushup x 10
KB/DB Overhead Press x 10
KB/DB Curl x 10
KB/DB Overhead Triceps Extension x 10
Russian Twists x 10
Crunches x 10

*Alternate between Right and Left arms every round for snatches, rows, overhead press, curls. Only take as much break time as needed.

Remember that there will be times you have to train at home, even if its not snowing. If you want 10 Killer, Fat-Destroying Conditioning workouts check out Parking Lot Conditioning – all you’ll need is a jump rope and the discipline to get to work.

Once you do the 1000 rep workouts, post up in the comments on how you made out.


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