Let’s face facts. You just might be a meathead.

You like to lift. Maybe even a little too much. Plates, dumbbells, kettlebells…hell even a bumper plate will do if that’s all you can get your chalk covered hands on.

Nothing gets your blood boiling like training with heavy weights, being sore every couple days, and any form of creatine.

Some of you reading this may even suffer from a disorder called Meatheaditis. Currently, there is no cure for this disorder, but there is a support group to help you get through these dark times.

Keep reading below to find out if you or someone you love has a problem, and what you can do about it.

15 Tell-Tale Signs You’re a Suffering from Meatheaditis

15. You might be a meathead if you know EXACTLY where the best lighting/mirror combo is in both your place of work and your home, and frequently visit them shirtless to make sure you didn’t lose any gainz since the last time you walked by. Seek immediate help if you have multiple spots for different poses.

14. You might be a meathead if you’ve brought your own food [in a tupperware] to a family dinner at least one time in your life. Seek immediate help if your Italian like me, because you probably suffered some sort of loud verbal or physical abuse…most likely with a wooden spoon, some sort of shoe, or an open fist.

13. You might be a meathead if you know your normal shirt size, but always first try on 1 size smaller in the summer.  Seek immediate help if you save your “bulking jeans” for those cold, husky winter months.

12. You might be a meathead if you’ve ridden public transportation in a guinea tee, and thought everyone else around just had a staring problem. Seek immediate help if you were tweaking out on pre-workout at time of said incident.

11. You might be a meathead if you know where you can still get ephedrine legally for pennies. Seek immediate help if you know what to stack it with for some sweet fat burning results.

10. You might be a meathead if you carry a bag throughout your day with food, supplements, pre and post workout, and emergency protein shakes just in case. Seek immediate help if you keep a jug of protein powder in your car.

9. You might be a meathead if you’ve successfully poured water [from a gallon jug], scoops of protein powder, and creatine in a shaker cup while driving. Seek immediate help if you can do it without spilling a ounce of that sweet anabolic mixture.

8. You might be a meathead if you don’t take the stairs in the winter months because that’s considered cardio – and cardio kills gains. Seek immediate assistance if you avoid moving all together during winter months if it does not involve going to the gym, or going the fridge.

7. You might be a meathead if you left a date early because it was ‘gym time’. Seek immediate assistance if you held a date at the gym, just so you could see if they were into your personality or your body get a few extra sets in for your biceps.

6. You might be a meathead if you keep a ziploc baggy of supplements in your pocket throughout the day. Seek immediate assistance if you know exactly which supplement pill is which based on the capsule color or the color of the contents.

5. You might be a meathead if you’ve taken your daily bag of pills to a club, so you wouldn’t go catabolic at night, and tried to fight the bouncer when he wouldn’t let you take them in. Seek immediate assistance if, worried about your gainz, you ran to the emergency protein jug in your car. See number 10.

4. You might be a meathead if you’re actually able to get through an entire gallon of water in less than 24 hours. Seek immediate help if you add some sort of BCAA mixture to said gallon.

3. You might be a meathead if you sleep through your alarm to wake up for work, but you jump right up when it rings to make that mid-night protein shake. Seek immediate assistance if you keep a pre-mixed shake by your bedside.

2. You might be a meathead if when asking for a fellow bro to spot you, you look for the biggest guy in the gym. Seek immediate help if you still make sure he’s smaller than you.

1. You might be a meathead if you found yourself nodding your head to more than half of these. Seek immediate help if you still have trouble reaching your muscle-building, strength, or fat loss potential in the gym.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these symptoms [especially number 1], know that there is help out there.

There is, in fact, a complete online support group for those who are sick and tired of suffering these symptoms with minimal gains in strength, muscle, or fat loss.

This is a rampant epidemic sweeping though our country’s gyms…and there is something you can do about it.

To seek help:

  1. Be sure to tag and share this post with friends who may have these symptoms.
  2. Click the link at the bottom of this page
  3. Answer 6 quick questions and tell me more about what you biggest struggle in the gym is
  4. Get a FREE Video Crash Course [that you can use in the gym tonight] based on your answers.

CLICK HERE for more information.

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