The T-Bar Row is a highly under-rated back exercises. When we think “bar row” usually we throw a couple wheels on the bar and start rowing from the hang position (right above the knees). I’m here to tell you that not only are T-Bar rows just as good as traditional bar rows, but they may actually be better.

Think about it. Because your standing over the bar between your legs, you’re more likely to start off in a better position without worrying about the bar travelling just below the knees and rounding your back.

Also, Most guys’ egos get in the way on the bar row and use every other part of their body besides their upper back (hips, legs, etc.). No matter how you choose to row with the bar, give these 2 T-Bar Row hacks a shot, and see a HUGE increase in muscle activation (you’ll actually FEEL it while you’re doing the exercise) and soreness the next day.

If you’re ready to up your row game (and the thickness of your back), check out today’s video.


Video Summary:

[T-Bar Row Hack 1] Use Fat Gripz. I love these things. When Going moderate to heavy with the weight, I use standard-sized Fat Gripz. When I’m going lighter, I’ll sometimes shoot for Fat Gripz Extreme. No mater what size you go for, they will up your forearm game and improve your grip BIG TIME (which could be a huge limiting factor on your max deadlift).

[B-Bar Row Hack 2] Use 25 lb plates instead of 45 lb plates. These will allow you to bring the bar higher to your chest and increase the squeeze at the top of the rep. This also allows for full extension of the arms without touching the floor with the weights which increases tension on the upper back throughout the movement. And the last factor of using smaller weighs is that it increases the size of the weight stack. This means the position of the handle is further away from the weight stack’s center of gravity which makes in MUCH harder to pull.

Try it out and leave a comment down below to let me know how this works for you on your next back day.


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