There’s 2 ways to get huge and build muscle. Lift heavy and eat everything in sight and the right way.

Unless you want to roll around 40 pounds heavier than your fighting weight, you must take a gradual approach to building mass. This means finding the perfect balance between training, nutrition, and recovery.

To do it as fast possible while staying lean comes down to how you approach these 3 factors. Without all 3, your results will suffer and you definitely won’t get the best results from the effort you’re putting in the gym.

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You need 3 things to pack on the pounds AND stay lean.

[1] Training. While you can put mass on using any number of weight training programs, I would strongly suggest the bulk of your session comes from some sort of bodybuilding programming. Bodybuilding’s main goal is to build muscle so you want fat mass, this is your best bet.

[2] Right amount of calories. Caloric requirements are an important part of gaining mass. If you eat too much, you’ll gain muscle AND fat and if you eat too little, you probably won’t gain anything at all. Figure out how much you need to maintain your current weight (by keeping a log), and eating slightly above that amount (250-500 calories).

[3] Rest and Recovery. This is a HUGE one, and often forgotten. If you’re not resting, you’re not recovering. If you’re not recovering, you’re not growing. Make sure you get 8 hours of restful sleep per night, and if you can’t get as much as you can. I would go as far as saying training hard 6 days per week might even be too much for muscle growth as well. Try taking a couple rest days during the week and see if you start to grow.


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