Lat pull downs are great, but whatever happened to guys hitting pullup variations for rep after rep, set after set? Seems like the old-school mentality of incorporating body weight training in programming is a thing of the past. Guys would rather pull the stack of weights off the floor in a cable machine instead of grabbing a bar above their head and finding out the TRUE test of how strong they are in relation to their body weight.

If you truly want to get stronger on all your pulling movements (including deadlifts and heavy rows) watch today’s episode and try these pull up variations. Your grip, forearms and biceps will thank me.


Video Summary:

5 Types of (Hardcore) Pullup Variations:

[1] Negatives – Jump up above the bar and fight gravity on the way down by slowly controlling the movement (as slow as possible.)

[2] Baseball Bat Pullups – One hand overhand, one hand underhand (like holding a baseball bat). Stronger grip means a stronger pull with minimal grip fatigue for this variation.

[3] Fat Gripz Pullups – Use Fat Gripz to really give tax your grip and forearms. Using these simple, blue grips will help you tremendously in all your exercises, not just pulling movements.

[4] Towel Pull Ups – Old school pullup variation that will make your forearms scream. Drape a towel over the bar and grab each end with one hand. Squeeze and pull. [Don’t try these unless you’re truly ready.]

[5] One Handed Towel Pull Ups – Sick variation of the Towel Pull Up that focuses on building grip and forearm strength one hand at a time. Drape towel over pull up bar and grip both sides with one hand. Grab the pull up bar with the other hand. Squeeze and pull, making sure you lean toward the towel side, making that hand to the brunt of the work.


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