It’s been the norm lately for people to bash direct arm exercises. I’m here to tell you that if you want a bigger, stronger upper body, you should include it somewhere in your program.

You don’t have to hit them every day, like many new gym rats do, but you have to hit them right. Here’s a list of some of the exercises I’ve used most to build my guns.

[NOTE] Your best bet is to do a combination of compound (multi-joint) and isolation (single joint) movements. Don’t get stuck in thinking that bicep curls are all you need. If that’s all you’ve been doing, that’s probably why your arms are not growing.

Want your arms to finally grow? Here’s what to do:

Video Summary:

[1] Don’t forget to do compound lifts to beef up your arms. Close grip floor presses (or bench presses) and reverse grip barbell rows are great for handling more weight, increasing muscle activation, and increasing intensity.

[2] Be sure to make dumbbell isolation exercises (like spider curls and kickbacks) as tough as possible using Fat Gripz. They will force your forearms to contract hard and keep you honest with the weight you’re using throughout the movement. Remember you want your massive forearms to match the slabs of meat hanging from below your shoulders.

[3] Wrap up your training session up with body weight compound movements. It will help you increase intensity with a few high volume sets and maximize your pump and muscle fiber damage.


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