In today’s video’ we’ll be covering a quick hack I’ve been using for building mass, by only adding 1 muscle-building food to your day. Eggs.

As you probably know, eggs are PACKED with quality calories. We’re talking protein and healthy fats. And you probably aslo know that in order to pack on muscle, you need to train hard, recover from your workouts, and eat slightly over (250-500) the amount of calories it takes for you to maintain your current body weight.

That doesn’t mean that you should pound a protein shake after choking down a sub from Quik Check.

If you’re looking to pack on serious mass, try this hack – and it will only cost you a few bucks per day…here’s what to do…

Video Summary:

He’s how the hack works. Each egg contains 70 calories of high quality protein and fat. If you eat 1 egg per meal at 5 meals per day, you’re getting an extra 350 calories. You can even double up to 2 per meal and get up to 600 calories if you feel you’re not growing fast enough.

See how simple that is? Continue to eat what you normally do, and make small, measurable tweaks that allow you to track your progress.

Simple is key.

Assess your progress, and adjust as needed.


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