It all started yesterday when I was driving my 15 month old daughter to my mom’s for the day. I was about halfway there and all of a sudden I turn around and she’s choking and vomiting all over the car!

I freak out, pull over and rip her out of the car seat, ready to flip her over and start hitting her back, but once I got her out, she stopped. I took her soiled clothes off. Now I was stuck on the side of the road with a baby covered in puke. What do I do?

The natural response that any meathead dad would do…take off his shirt any wipe her down.

I mean, any excuse to show off your half naked, Leo DiCaprio dad-bod on a main road right?

Got her back in the (puke filled) car and got to my moms. I hosed down the car seat and cleaned out the car seat while my mom gave her a bath. I dropped her off and went to work.

A few hours later I get a call from my mom that she hasn’t stopped throwing up, so I gave the gym intern the key to finish the sessions and close up (thanks Zac!) and flew to my moms. Thank God, she’s been doing okay since I got there. Must be on the tail end of a stomach 24-hour bug.

So needless to say, it’s been an interesting few days – which leads me to the fact that I won’t get to the gym today until I have to coach sessions – which means no lifting. The good thing is that I get to spend some time outside and workout in the 90 degree heat (something that I LOVE).

So what do I do? Simply open my trunk, pull out a couple things and get to work.

In my trunk, I keep a homemade sandbag, mini sled, jump rope, a kettlebell, suspension trainer and a bag of bands at all times. I call it the ‘beast emergency gym’.

This allows me to get a variety of workouts in no matter if I want to do a simple workout from “Parking Lot Conditioning”, a odd-object/sandbag circuit, or a simply various suspension trainer/band workouts for a certain body part.

Here’s the workout I’m going to do while catching some Vitamin D in my parents driveway:

4 Sets
Jump Rope (100)
Sand Bag Cleans (10)
Sand Bag Squats (10)
Pushups (15)
Suspension Rows (15)
Planks (1 minute)

Remember, perfect situations don’t exist. You have to make due with what you have access to.

Train hard no matter what the circumstance, and reap the benefits of building the body and mind of warrior.

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