This GOMAD Diet is adding body weight to my frame pretty quickly.

But the last thing I want is to add too much fat — so, I’ve been doing conditioning on a regular basis to keep it at bay a bit and it seems to be helping.

When you’re looking to improve you’re body’s fat burning processes, you need to get your nutrition in line first.

Then lift some weights.

Lastly, get some of that conditioning in. It can be sleds, sprints, tire flips, or kettlebell/bodyweight circuits. My favorite form of cardio is jump rope.

Here’s why:

Video Summary:

[1] Sound nutrition is key to dropping body fat. Get that in line first before you start to add conditioning to your program.

[2] Lift some weights. Strength training builds muscle, and muscle burns fat and speeds up your metabolism.

[3] Add a few conditioning workouts in 2-3 per week to start is fine.

[4] Learn how to jump rope. Elbows in, snap the wrists. Don’t rotate your entire arm, you’ll get too tired too quick.

[5] If you’re having trouble jumping rope, keep at it – it’s all practice.


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