Setting up your workouts for maximum chest growth growth can be a daunting task no matter if your new to training, or have spent years in the gym under the bar. You may have heard a lot of different opinions of what the best rep range is.

5 x 5?

4 x 8-12?

High Volume (sets of 15 or 20)?

Which one is KING? All of them.

Here’s the 2 ways I structure my chest workouts to use all rep ranges and maximize strength and growth, while not beating up your joints. (If you’re in your 30’s or 40’s and continually lift heavy, you know what I’m talking about.)

Video Summary:

  • Use all rep ranges to your advantage.
  • [METHOD 1] Split up your workouts by keeping a specific rep range for all exercises
    • For example all your chest exercises for the day are one specific set/rep range (5×5, 4x 10-12, 3×15)
    • The next workout swap the rep range for another, keeping the same exercises
      • Workout 1, 5×5
      • Workout 2, 4×8-12
      • Workout 3, 3×15
      • Workout 4, back to 5×5
  • [METHOD 2] Use all rep ranges in a single workout
    • For example:
      • Exercise A is 5×5
      • Exercise B is 4×8-12
      • Exercise C is 3×15
      • Exercise D is a burn out set (rest pause technique)
    • The following workout (week 2), you put the final exercise from the previous workout at the top and do 5×5
      • Exercise D is 5×5
      • Exercise A is 4×8-12
      • Exercise B is 3×15
      • Exercise C is a burn out/rest pause
  • You can use these 2 method for any muscle group.


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