Here’s 4 exercises you can use to create a simple, solid shoulder workout. Shoulders are one of those muscle groups that if you train them right, they will make your upper body “pop” and round out your upper body. They’re the widest part of your v-taper, and they complete the upper body “swole” trifecta that include a strong chest and arms.

If you’re that guy who only focuses on chest and biceps, this post is for you. Improve your shoulder size and strength, and not only will you be looking better, you’ll be slinging around more weight in general and add weight on your bench press (as long as you keep them healthy).

Video Summary:

  • If you make your shoulders stronger, they will get bigger.
  • Focus on compound movements first
    • Over head press
      • Bar, Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Keg, Etc.
    • Upright Rows
      • Using Dumbbells, Bar, Kettlebells
  • Then hit with your compound movements, hit your isolation movement
    • “Lean-Away” Lateral Raises
      • Anchor your body to the rack with one hand, and lean away from it.
      • Lift the weight up until its parallel to the floor
  • Finish up with a strength/conditioning exercise: Farmer Carries
    • Grab 2 heavy-ass weights, and start walking.
    • Chest up, shoulders back, fast feet.


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