Kettlebell training is popping up in gyms everywhere. Even big box gyms are promoting ‘functional’ training methods which include them (but don’t include things like training on machines which, by the way, do have their place in muscle building…don’t get me started).

Going back a few years you could only really see kettlebells in cross training gyms and private strength gyms like mine in Jackson, NJ.

I know what you’re thinking: “aren’t kettlebells for Reebok shoe wearin’, high-sock rockin’, paleo-pounding, kinesio-tape wrapped” cross-training-for-life-bro who’s more interested in LOOKING like he trains, rather then building serious muscle and strength in hoodies with the sleeves cut off and sweat pants in the summer time.

WRONG. The truth is kettlebells are pretty much for bodybuilding too. Here’s what you need to know.

Video Summary:

[1] Kettlebells are not just for dynamic movements (swings, cleans, snatches).

[2] Kettlebells are interchangeable with dumbbells for standard strength exercises.

[3] The shape of the kettlebell will give your target muscles a different feel and will work your body a bit differently making most movements tougher.

[4] You may need to use less weight while using kettlebells for bench presses, overhead presses, side lateral raises, and front squats. Don’t let it affect your ego, you’re NOT getting weaker. If anything, by using kettlebells for a few weeks in place of dumbbells, you’ll most likely get stronger by the time you hit the dumbbells again.


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