If you started reading this post trying to find the Holy Grail of building muscle, you’re going to be disappointed.

BUT…I will show you how to build quality mass in 3 simple steps.

Everyone knows they should life weights, eat right, and rest…but how much of each?

Let’s go over it.



Video Summary:

There are 3 factors to muscle growth:

[1] Training. This starts the process of getting bigger and stronger. Intensity wins. You push your body, and slightly damage your muscle fibers, which allow them to be rebuilt bigger and stronger than before.

[2] Nutrition. This plays a huge role in whether or not your body responds. You can either eat your calories or even drink your calories. Just make sure you get enough. You can eat really well, and still under eat which means you won’t be putting much size on any time soon.

[3] Recovery. This is a 1-2 combo of getting enough sleep and taking time off from training. You need to sleep. If you’re not getting enough, your hormones will be off and you won’t be getting the maximum return on your training investment.


How should I train?

Lately I’ve been varying my sets and reps in chunks of high volume days (high reps, low weight), moderate volume days (moderate reps and weight) and low volume days (low reps, high weight). It seems to be working well. (If you need a muscle building workout program check out Muscle Building 101 for free.

As far as sets, I’ve been using my instincts based on the session itself and how I feel. Most workouts involve 2 body parts and 18 – 30 sets depending on the day. Today was high volume squats.


What should I eat?

You know protein is important. You can’t talk about muscle building without it…but upping your carbs (and these other nutrition hacks) might just be what you need to spark new growth. Especially if you’re just not growing.


What if I can’t sleep?

Take a sleep supplement. Trust me it will help. I take 2 of these, and I’m out in less than 10 minutes – and I sleep through. remember sleep is crucial to building size and strength. If you’re not getting enough at night, see if you can sneak in a nap during the day. It will help.


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