In this post I answer the question of “How Much Resistance is Enough?” when choosing the right resistance bands. For the sake of this video, we are talking about Bodylastics brand bands.

So when choosing the “right” bands, there are a few KEY things we should look at:

1. What type of training we will be doing with them
If we are just doing warm up exercises, recovery, and or rehab/prehab work, HEAVY resistance my not be necessary. You must choose the right tool for the job. Sometimes a moderate or even light band kit is plenty to get problem prone areas (like the rotator cuff) loose. If you are using them in PLACE of iron, or adding them onto bars with plates (banded bar bench press, bar deadlifts, bar back squats, etc), then you might want a heavier kit.

2. How strong you are
If you ARE using bands in place of your typical gym equipment such as Bars and Plates, Dumbbells, and Kettlebells then you might want to reconsider spending a bit more for some heavier bands…ESPECIALLY if you are used to BEASTING OUT in the gym and pushing and pulling some serious weight. In this case a light band kit just won’t cut it.

For example, if you can AT LEAST bench, squat, and deadlift 225 for reps, what is a 30 lb resistance band going to do for you? Nothing. YOU NEED TO BEEF UP YOUR BAND KIT!

3. More Bands = More Options
When you have access to MORE bands through a larger kit, you can actually split it up and have two sets for 2 different locations. You can keep one at the office, and one at home. The possibilities are endless. Plus, if you keep one set in your car and you will have no excuse NOT to train. Which means CONSISTENCY…and remember, consistency is KEY to any worthwhile goal.

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