You only get one shot at life, and it seems the older we get the more we either embrace or forget that simple fact.

When you’re in your 20’s I’m sure you were fearless. I know I was. I’ve had my nose broken, broke a few myself, started a business, climbed a billboard in Times Square (thanks my buddies Senor Patron and Johnny Walker), and ripped a drunk driver from the wheel, smashed his windshield with my fist, and dented his trunk with his own head (hey, he tried to purposely run me over when I was standing in front of his car!), among other awesome really stupid things.

Once you hit 30, you start playing it safe. You start dealing with the grind of life. Of stress. Of work.

All of a sudden you have a kid, and you start actually thinking of your health because it’s not about you anymore. You try and figure out the meaning of life, especially yours, which causes you to stay at the job you hate because it’s more comfortable doing that than quitting and jumping into the unknown. You spend more time working than you do with the people you love. You may even start questioning your own happiness. (I did this myself for a long time).

In a world of ‘be a badass’ Instagram memes and ‘shallow’ social media motivation from 20-something year old kids who don’t know what hard work is – telling you you’re not working hard enough… You’re not doing enough… You’re sleeping too much… You’re not “grinding”… You being outworked… You’re ___________ (fill in the blank)…

You read this shit, you work harder. You forget what life is really about. You start thinking that life is not about enjoyment, growing, and evolving, and more about working HARDER.

I’m here to tell you that sometimes you NEED to tune out the noise and just BE PRESENT and enjoy life.

Shut off your phone for a day.
Stop answering emails for a day (it’s not THAT important where it can’t wait until tomorrow)
Stay the hell off Facebook for a day – trust me, it will probably only aggravate you anyway.

I know this shit all to well.

I’m a work horse. I do my best to grind. I try and outwork the next guy. I wake up early and stay up late fueled on caffeine.

Some days I’ll spend 12 hours at the gym, with another 4 working online, all while trying to get a workout in somewhere, even when I’m pressed for time. While many people have commended my work ethic, it’s my own downfall. It sucks.

All because there was a time, not that long ago, where I felt everything I did wasn’t good enough. I NEVER want to go back there, have my daughter see that part of me, or feel like her dad didn’t do what he needed to. So I work tirelessly.


That said, nothing crushes me more when I’m at work, and get pictures of my wife and daughter on a weekly basis having fun at the beach in the evening or at the park without me.

So I made a conscious decision to make this weekend a bit different than the norm. I stepped away from work, away from my phone, away from emails, away from phone calls, and take my wife out for our 3 year anniversary – and it was amazing.

Not in a let loose, get trashed, climb a billboard in Times Square, “wake up still drunk” kind of amazing. But in a “wake up with a clear head, totally renewed and refreshed” kind of amazing.

We spent the night in NYC, eating falafel, lamb kabobs, and drinking turkish coffee and wine. We walked around a bit with no agenda, checking out our old stomping grounds when I used to work up there. We finished the night passing out like 2 old people around 10pm watching Full House (wtf?).

The best part? Forgetting about work. Enjoying some ‘bad’ food. Not worrying about training for a day – only because it wasn’t leg day. Never skip leg day. I think this was the first time we’d gone away where I didn’t bring some bands and a kettlebell – we obviously didn’t take my car. 10 years ago, I would have thought that I’d instantly go catabolic – but surprisingly, I didn’t lose any muscle last night – I actually gained weight. Falafel for the win. 🙂


I know you probably don’t care to hear about my boring ‘old person’ weekend, BUT what I hope you get from this post is to know that [1] grinding and working hard are 2 main (necessary) components to being successful, and [2] you also need time away once in a while. You need, at the very least, a little balance. If not, you’ll just become miserable around people who ARE enjoying life a bit.

It’s okay to take a day and ‘not grind’, not ‘work hard enough’, sleep in, refresh, recharge, renew – because when you are letting go of the ‘grind’, you free up time to let other things into your life. Family time, a little food you enjoy, great company. The best part is once you do actually get back to doing the necessary work, you will be EXTRA motivated and disciplined to crush it when you’re back on your daily routine.


Driving home from our NYC trip, it hit me again that we only get one shot at life. Don’t spend it ALL on the grind. When you’re ALWAYS grinding you leave no time for anything else.

Taking a day to renew and unplug got me so amped up that I came home spent a little time with my daughter and eventually crushed a 30 minute kettlebell workout in my living room once I put her down for a nap.

What good is all the money or success in the world if you can’t enjoy yourself?

Give yourself a day off to unplug, reboot, and enjoy – you can thank me later.


If you want the exact workout I did tonight, here it is:

6 Rounds // 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off

Over Head Press
Standing Sid Crunches

(If you want more workouts like this, a video training library, monthly conference calls, and private coaching check THIS out!)


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