Getting ripped can be confusing, but it shouldn’t be. You’re probably lifting weights eating ‘pretty good’ and using supplements. But is that enough? Are there any fat loss tips for men that can get your results to the next level?

Here’s a few simple things you can implement today to start losing body fat tomorrow:

Video Summary:

  • Training for Fat Loss
    • Add exercises you’re not good at during your training.
    • Your body will work harder and it will cause a better metabolic response.
    • If you only lift weights, include conditioning a few times a week after you lift or on your off days (try these do-anywhere jump rope workouts).
  • Start taking a quality multi-vitamin
  • Supplements equate for a small amount your results.
    • Don’t jump to supplements until your eating training and sleeping are in line.
      • Once these are in place, they can provide a small edge to help you improve your results.
    • Any results from a supplement that sound too good to be true, probably are.
  • Sleep plays a huge role in your fat loss results
  • Don’t make multiple drastic changes at once
    • Make small changes at a time and reassess.
      • Don’t go from doing no cardio to 60 minutes a day, instead try starting by adding short, 20 minute workouts
      • Don’t go from eating 5000 calories per day to eating 1200.
  • Do the work – remember – to do it right takes a little time.


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