You want big biceps? If your arms aren’t growing, its not that you’re doing something wrong it just might mean you have to assess what you’re currently doing and mix it up a bit.

You’re probably already doing bar curls, dumbbell curls, and hammer curls but sometimes you have to throw your arms curve ball. (Also, remember your arms are mostly made up of your triceps so be sure to hit those too.)

The 3 exercise combo that will torch your bis consist of Bar Drag Curls, Fat Grip Dumbbell Curls, and 3/4-rep chin ups.

Here’s how you do them:

Video Summary:

[1] No matter what biceps exercises you do focus on the contraction. If this means lower the weight your using, go for it.

[2] Choose exercises that your not currently doing, or make the ones you are doing harder by using unconventional tools like FatGripz. (You can snag some  HERE).

[3] Start with a bar exercise like drag curls, where you drag the bar along your body.

[4] Next hit the dumbbells….give slow, controlled FatGripz curls a shot.

[5] Do a few burn out sets of a body weight exercise like chin ups. The key to building your biceps using chin ups is to do 3/4 or half reps. It will keep the tension on your arms.

If you’re looking for 10 KILLER arm building workouts, check out my Badass Arm Workouts.


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