Quick post today on conditioning!

So yesterday I was a little pressed for time during my chest workout. It was late 9:30pm, and I wanted to get home after a long day.

But since I was feeling a little better after my stomach bug and since I dropped a few pounds (and everyone saying how lean or skinny – depending who you talk to) I look, I figured I would continue to ride the wave of getting leaner for the summer.

In between every set of lifting, I did a set of *jump rope between 30 and 60 seconds, and went right back to hitting the weights.

This does a few things:

[1] Keeps the intensity high during the entire workout. Which we know is what drives results. Intensity + Recovery + Nutrition = Gains.

[2] Elevates your average heart rate for the workout which means more calories burned for that hour. More calories burned = a higher discrepancy between calories consumed and calories expended. When this ratio finds the sweet spot, you burn fat like a furnace.

[3] Increases your overall conditioning. Conditioning plays a huge part in a metabolism (not just for fat loss, but for muscle gain), nutrition partitioning, and helping you to be the big, strong bro who can run after the group of guys who made fun of you for wearing your male romper to the gym.

Get lifting, but don’t skip out on some sort of conditioning. It’s important as you get older, and does wonders for improving how you feel and keeping you healthy.

*You don’t have to jump rope, you can do any conditioning exercise really – KB Swings, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, etc. Just something to keep your heart elevated.


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