Let me guess. You love to work on your bench press…but every Monday when you want to work your chest, all the bench press stations at your gym are taken. You have 2 choices. Wait in line at one of the benches like the rest of the little guys trying to get huge, OR you can man up and find another way.

If you want to build up your chest, here’s a quick workout to blow up your pecs no matter if you’re training at a gym that has heavy dumbbells or some place that only has weights up to 50.

Here’s what to do.

Video Summary:

While there are a ton of workouts you can do to build you chest You can choose either of these quick workouts to build muscle in your chest. The only variable is the weight you’ll be using which changes the structure slightly. Either way you’ll be leaving the gym with a massive pump while there’s still a line at the bench press.

[Option A] If the gym has heavy dumbbells
5 x 6-8 – Dumbbells Bench Press
4 x 8-12 – Dumbbell Fly
2 or 3 sets, max reps (at least 15) – Modified Bench Press
**1-2 Minutes in Between Sets

[Option B] If the gym has moderate or light dumbbells
12 Reps Each with No Breaks – Dumbbell Bench, Dumbbell Fly, Modified Bench Press
Repeat 3-4 more times with minimal rest.


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