Oh man. The GOMAD Diet.

I’ve heard all about it, but never gave it a thought.

It’s “supposed” to be for hardgainers. You know…the guys who claim they can’t grow no matter how much they eat, and how they train (yeah right). In my eyes, if you train hard and eat enough you will gain weight.

But that’s where most guys fall short. They don’t know what it’s like to push in the gym. And eating enough is just a matter of opinion. If you’re not growing, eat MORE. Simple.

But, how does GOMAD work for guys who already know how to gain muscle mass and get strong? I’m going to find out.

People have been telling me “don’t do it you’ll get fat” or “isn’t that for skinny guys?”.

Fuck that, I’m going for it, and time will tell what ultimately happens.

So here’s the deal. I weight about 200 lbs. I’m about 14% body fat (guessing by mirror…the calipers read different, see below). I want to gain quality weight and get strong as hell.

So I decided to take the jump and follow the GOMAD diet. If you’re unfamiliar, it stands for “Gallon Of Milk A Day”.

I’ve decided to log my progress over the next 28 days, and see what happens. I’ll keep rolling with it if I like what I see.

I’m currently on Day 2, as yesterday was Day 1 (Sunday) and I didn’t post. Here’s the overview:

For the FULL Log, See Below and Click the Menu on the Top Left for a Daily Breakdown:

Starting measurements:

Today’s Date *
Current Weight (lbs.) *
Body Fat # (Scale):
Neck (in.)
Shoulders (in.) *
Chest (in.) *
Waist @ belly button (in.) *
Hips (in.) *
Left Arm (in.) *
Left Forearm (in.)
Left Leg (in.) *
Left Calf (in.)
Right Arm (in.)
Right Forearm (in.)
Right Leg (in.)
Right Calf (in.)
Caliper @ Chest (m)/Triceps (w)
Caliper @ Waist (m)/Suprailiac (w)
Caliper @ Leg
Body Fat %
Body Fat Weight (lbs.)
Lean Body Mass Weight (lbs.)

*Note I took caliper readings and bodyfat measurements from the scale to see if they’re congruent.


Training is standard. Shooting for lifting 3 days on, 1 day off as long as my joints hold up. I’m nursing a few injuries so I will do the best I can. Sessions will be a mixture of heavy days (low volume), moderate days (moderate volume), and light days (high volume). Bodybuilding-style.

Conditioning will be done every day for 30-40 minutes to help partition calories efficiently. This will be monitored over the next few weeks and adjusted up or down as necessary. HIIT Style (no cardio machines). Lots of Jump Rope Training and Full Body Circuits/Odd Object Training.


3100 Calories – 1 gallon of raw milk (not pasturized)/day
2000 Calories – from rice, turkey, and grassfed whey protein.

Stay tuned and be sure to Click Here to subscribe on YouTube to check out what kind of gains I make in the next 30 days.


Sticking to my staples…

[1] My Custom, ID Nutrition Multivitamin.

[2] 2 ID Life Grassfed Protein Shakes/day (1 Scoop Each)

[3] ID Life Sleep Strips to help me recover at night.

[4] My ID Life Pre/Post Workout Stack


While I’m looking to get stronger, my main purpose of doing this is to gain quality size. I’m nursing a shoulder injury and some sort of tear in my left forearm (snapped hard during deadlifts last week). So while I know I will get stronger and I will monitor all workouts, I will putting more stock into the scale, the tape and mirror.

Let’s see what happens…stay tuned.


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