The Gallon of Milk a Day diet has been a pretty solid bulking plan for me so far.

I just wrapped up week 1, and I have to say, the results have been pretty awesome.

I gained just shy of 8 lbs in 7 days, with all of my measurements up except my body fat.

Pretty great if you asked me.

Here’s the Recap:

Video Summary:

  • Week 1 is in the books.
  • I’m up about 8 lbs.
  • Lifts are still not up as much as I would like them to be, due to my left forearm injury an shoulder impingement. Still working around it.
  • Stomach discomfort is down quite a bit. Not perfect, but it’s definitely much better.
  • The toughest part for me is not so much drinking the milk, but getting the extra calories in. Otherwise it seems to be getting easier.


Sticking to my staples…

[1] My Custom, ID Nutrition Multivitamin.

[2] 2 ID Life Grassfed Protein Shakes/day (1 Scoop Each)

[3] ID Life Sleep Strips to help me recover at night.

[4] My ID Life Pre/Post Workout Stack



Date *
01/14/2018 – 01/21/2018
Current Weight (lbs.) *
199.4 to 207.2
Body Fat # (Scale):
15.4 to 14.2
Neck (in.)
17 to 17.5
Shoulders (in.) *
51 to 53
Chest (in.) *
47.5 to 49
Waist @ belly button (in.) *
35.5 to 36
Hips (in.) *
41 to 40.5
Left Arm (in.) *
16.5 to 17.25
Left Forearm (in.)
13.25 to 13.625
Left Leg (in.) *
24.5 to 25
Left Calf (in.)
15.5 to 16
Right Arm (in.)
16.5 to 17.25
Right Forearm (in.)
13.25 to 13.75
Right Leg (in.)
24.5 to 25
Right Calf (in.)
15.75 to 16
Caliper @ Chest (m)/Triceps (w)
8 (same)
Caliper @ Waist (m)/Suprailiac (w)
24 (same)
Caliper @ Leg
6 (same)
Body Fat %
11.85 to 11.24
Body Fat Weight (lbs.)
23.6 to 23.3
Lean Body Mass Weight (lbs.)
175.8 to 183.7


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