Now that I’m on week 4 of the GOMAD Diet, I wanted to share my results 3 weeks in…

I wanted to get this to you sooner, but I got sick at the end of last week which caused me to not get all my food calories in. (I still got my calories in from milk).

So at the end of week 3, I weighed relativley the same, weighing in at 215.2.

I will say that I even though my weight didn’t jump more than a couple pounds, my muscles felt way more dense and full then they have in the past 2 weeks.

Here’s the recap video going into week 4:

Video Summary:

  • 1 More Weeks Left
  • I’m up about 16 lbs. (only 2 lbs – chalking that up to being sick because I’ve been sick)
  • Lower body lifts seem stronger, upper body lifts are climbing but still injuried.
  • Stomach discomfort is way better, usually bad in the morning.
  • Feeling very lethargic in the middle of the day. Not sure if the dairy has something to do with it.
  • Joints are hurting, knees are hurting more that normal, preventing me to training super heavy.
  • Harder to breathe, most likely due to the fast weight gain.


Sticking to my staples…

[1] My Custom, ID Nutrition Multivitamin.

[2] 2 ID Life Grassfed Protein Shakes/day (1 Scoop Each)

[3] ID Life Sleep Strips to help me recover at night.

[4] My ID Life Pre/Post Workout Stack



Date *
01/14/2018 – 02/04/2018
Current Weight (lbs.) *
199.4 to 213.2
Body Fat # (Scale):
15.4 to 13.4
Neck (in.)
17 to 18
Shoulders (in.) *
51 to 54
Chest (in.) *
47.5 to 49.75
Waist @ belly button (in.) *
35.5 to 37
Hips (in.) *
41 to 42
Left Arm (in.) *
16.5 to 17.5
Left Forearm (in.)
13.25 to 14
Left Leg (in.) *
24.5 to 26.5
Left Calf (in.)
15.5 to 16.5
Right Arm (in.)
16.5 to 17.5
Right Forearm (in.)
13.25 to 14
Right Leg (in.)
24.5 to 26.5
Right Calf (in.)
15.75 to 16.5
Caliper @ Chest (m)/Triceps (w)
8 to 7
Caliper @ Waist (m)/Suprailiac (w)
24 (same)
Caliper @ Leg
7 to 4
Body Fat %
11.85 to 10.93
Body Fat Weight (lbs.)
23.6 to 23.5
Lean Body Mass Weight (lbs.)
175.8 to 191.5


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