It’s been about 4 weeks since decided to stop the 28-day gomad diet. I you’re unfamiliar,  I drowned my body in Raw, Grassfed Milk for 28 days. So, what happened? Did the Gains stay? Here’s the details.

For 28 days I chugged a gallon of raw milk every 24 hours and trained like a crazy person hitting my legs, chest, back, arms, and shoulders multiple times per week.

I got bloated, I got strong AF, and I definitely gained mass.

Here’s the Week 4 Recap details:

…and the “aftermath” 4 Weeks AFTER the diet ended:

Video Summary:

During the last week, I got as high as 219 (which is a solid 20 lbs. from where I started), and while the stomach discomfort subsided a bit, I noticed my body started to ache.

My knees ached, my conditioning suffered, and I ultimately found myself having a hard time getting up off the floor playing with my daughter (all of which have gotten much better since I’ve been off the milk).

While these were the negatives, there were certainly a few pros.

[1] I got strong as hell. I was squatting 365 for sets of 15, ass to grass.

[2] I started routinely deadlifting over 500 lbs, which given an old back injury is a huge win.

[3] I was able to start benching again (which I haven’t done in months). 295 for reps, 250 for sets of 12, and 130 lb. dumbbells for about 5 reps.

[4] I kept most of my weight gain. Now that the diet is over, I hover between 212-215 lbs.

Here’s a look at my measurements from day 1 to day 28:


Date *
01/14/2018 – 02/10/2018
Current Weight (lbs.) *
199.4 to 213.2
Body Fat # (Scale):
15.4 to 13.3
Neck (in.)
17 to 18
Shoulders (in.) *
51 to 54
Chest (in.) *
47.5 to 49.75
Waist @ belly button (in.) *
35.5 to 37.5
Hips (in.) *
41 to 42.5
Left Arm (in.) *
16.5 to 17.5
Left Forearm (in.)
13.25 to 14
Left Leg (in.) *
24.5 to 26.5
Left Calf (in.)
15.5 to 16.5
Right Arm (in.)
16.5 to 17.5
Right Forearm (in.)
13.25 to 14.25
Right Leg (in.)
24.5 to 26.5
Right Calf (in.)
15.75 to 16.5
Caliper @ Chest (m)/Triceps (w)
8 to 5
Caliper @ Waist (m)/Suprailiac (w)
24 (same)
Caliper @ Leg
7 to 6
Body Fat %
11.85 to 10.93
Body Fat Weight (lbs.)
23.6 to 23.3
Lean Body Mass Weight (lbs.)
175.8 to 189.9

Would I do it again?

Definitely. If I need to gain weight in a pinch – this would be the answer, but 4 weeks might be overkill. My knees still ache a little bit from all the squats and fast weight gain, but you can’t argue that it did exactly what it was supposed to do in record time. It also says something that the gains stayed.

If you’re looking to gain weight fast and you’re lifting heavy weights I would give it a go. Drink milk + training hard + recovery time = GAINZ. What’s the worst that could happen? Sleeve-splitting pumps? Bigger wheels? The need for bigger shirts?

Try it out and comment down below on how it worked for you.


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