Body weight training is under appreciated in muscle building and strength training. The positives to body weight training is improved mobility, the ability to increased training quickly, and increased nervous system response because you’re moving your body through space as opposed to moving external weights.

This means your core has to be engaged and your form must be dialed in to the get the maximum benefit from body weight exercise, especially when you’re hitting rep after rep, set after set.

When it comes to chest training, you should have a few exercises in your back pocket to pull out when you want to crank the intensity up during your workout, or when you don’t have access to weights.

Here are 3 of my favorite chest pumping exercises that you can practically do anywhere:

Video Summary:

  • Don’t let not having access to weights stop you from blowing up your chest (or any other body part).
    • Use tri-sets to increase intensity, maximize the pump, and boost strength endurance.
      • Tri-sets are 3 exercises back-to-back-to-back.
        • Think “superset” with 3 exercises.
      • My favorite tri-set for chest is dips, followed by pushups, followed by decline pushups.
        • This will hit the chest from different angles
    • Do 3 to 4 tri-sets including each exercise
    • Do submaximal reps each set (meaning just below your max)
      • If you feel like you may only get 10 dips, do 8 (just below your max)
    • Try this as a recovery workout for your chest
    • Be sure to recover, get quality sleep (supplement if you have trouble) and get enough food and you will grow


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