Pull Ups with bands aren’t just for guys who can’t do regular pull ups. When you used the correctly, you’ll be able to add mass and width to your back in a pretty short amount of time.

If you cannot do regular pull ups, start using bands to improve perfect your form and improve your rep count.

If you can do pull ups, you can still use bands to squeeze every last ounce out of your back workout which will improve muscle mass, strength, and width of your back.

Check out today’s vlog to see different ways to incorporate bands in your back workout.

Video Summary:

  • Pull ups should be a staple exercise in training your upper body. If you can’t do them, learn.
    • Banded pull ups can be a great alternative to improving upper body strength if you can’t seem to master unassisted pull ups.
      • Select a band that is thick enough to help you fall in your desired rep range
    • Make sure you pull yourself close to the bar, using your lats first. Then follow through with the arms
    • Banded pull ups are also a great way to increase intensity in your back workouts, simply by finishing your session with a set of banded pull ups after you complete all your standard (unassisted) pull up sets.
      • You can also do the “band pulldown” variation in the video by sitting on the floor and pulling the band down to your chest.


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