I hear it all the time. “My legs are my strongest body part.” No shit. They’re involve the largest muscles of the body, and if your upper body is stronger than your legs, there’s a problem.

I get it. You’re legs just won’t grow as fast as the rest of your body. Your chest is popping out of your deep v-neck t-shirt, your arms are seriously straining the sleeves, and your delts seem to be getting rounder by the workout.

Whatabout dem legs? You still wear sweatpants in the summertime on your squat days? Do you choose to tell everyone you leg press 1000 lbs, but haven’t squatted in years because you’re “injured”?


Grab your balls, and get under some weights. I honestly don’t care if your’w doing bar back squats, kettlebell squats, dumbbell front squats, or sandbag squats. Pick one. Go heavy. Do a lot of reps. It should be challenging.

I promise you if you’re not squatting you’re going to be stuck in the same size deep v-neck t-shirt for a long time.


When it comes to training your legs, guys fall into 2 camps.

[1] Mr. “I don’t squat, it’s bad for your knees”.

[2] Mr. “I’ll choose every other exercise over squats because they’re tough and they make me uncomfortable”.

You know what I have to say to these guys? YOU are the reason you’re not getting stronger. YOU are the reason you’re have to wear sweat pants in the summer. YOU are the reason your bid refuses to add slabs of new muscle to your frame.

Squatting is NOT bad for your knees. The way YOU squat is bad for your knees. If your knees are hurting from squats, your form just might be off for your body type find a seasoned trainer or physical therapist…someone who can help you fix your your form.

And yes, squats are uncomfortable…but when did anything worth reach for come from something that was comfortable? Exactly. You must challenge yourself MOST when you are starting to get the most complacent.


Rant over.

It’s true that your legs contain some of the largest muscles in the body. That is why EVERYONE’s legs are their strength. It’s not just you, bro.

So how do you handle the fact that leg training is hard, uncomfortable, and just might make you sore for a few days?

Positive self talk, killer mindset, and just doing what needs to get done.


A great way to make sure you prioritize better and get your leg work in is to program it early in the week. Lots of times we put the leg work later on (like Friday or Saturday), and when it comes time to do it, you skip out because “you’re tired” or “all the racks are taken”.

Solution? There’s a good chance everyone else in the gym is going chest and biceps on Monday…so if you shoot for a squat rack, while everyone else is on a bench you’re golden. You get you leg workout (usually the worst one) out of the way for the week, and get to do chest on another day, where everyone else is doing other body parts. You’re welcome.

Another leg day hack is to make your leg training more interesting by using different types of equipment. A few weeks back I did 5 sets of 12 on kettlebell front squats using 32kg (70 lbs) in each hand. I was fried. Legs were tried and core was shot. Try it. If you’re not married to bar squats, its a good way to mix it up a bit and work on things you’re not so good at which will make you stronger and harder to kill in the long run. Remember, doing the stuff you’re not good at usually yields the fastest results.


So how do you lay out your squats? Funny you ask. There’s a couple different ways that have helped me pack on the lbs the last few years using squats. Snag this FREE Squatting for More Muscle program and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

[NOTE] Just be ready for some serious growth (and soreness).


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