Fat loss is a process which is a result of a few things done day in and day out for a sustained period of time. The more you have to lose, the longer you have to stay consistent.

If you are looking to drop serious body fat and you only have 7 days, I’m sorry to day it’s not going to happen. You might be able to lose up to 3 lbs, but anything more substantial is just not in the cards.

BUT…you can use the next 7 days to build the perfect fat burning plan which will help you torch over the next several weeks.

Here’s what to do.

Video Summary:

Take the next week days and design 1 aspect that will help you lose body fat each day. Once you do this, you’ll be on the fast track to maximum fat loss without wasting much time. The best approach is to set the goal first and then work backwards.

  • Day 1. Set your ultimate goal. What is it? Lose 10 lbs? Lose 40 lbs?
  • Day 2. Figure out WHY. This should be deeper than just ‘getting a 6 pack’. Your reason why shouldn’t be so shallow. Maybe you want to make sure you set a great example for your kids. Maybe you’re trying to prevent a heart attack before it happens. Maybe diabetes runs in your family and you’re trying to get ahead of the game. Maybe you’re trying to get off of your blood pressure meds. The reasons are endless. Just make sure they are good enough, and you have a better chance of sticking with your plan. Pick a good enough reason, and the shallow ones like get more attention from women, and get shredded will happen on their own.
  • Day 3. Take a good look at your daily schedule and choose a eating/nutrition program around that. Is your day optimized for the results you want? Is there anything you can add or subtract to align better with following your nutrition program and make your results come easier? Are there things you’re currently doing that will get in the way? Don’t make it harder than you have to. Remember why you’re doing this (see Day 2). Can you eat breakfast? Do you want to? Do you even have time to eat 5 small meals per day? There are a ton of eating programs that work. Find one that appeals to you, and give it a shot. If you need help with a proper meal plan and can eat throughout the day you can set one up here complete with a tracking app and custom calorie count for your body type, goal, etc.
  • Day 4. Figure out your training program. What appeals to you? Strength and conditioning? Bodybuilding? Kettlebell workouts? Maybe lifting and wrapping up with a workout finisher? You pick what sounds like something that you will enjoy, and you’ll look forward to it each day and embrace the grind of getting your hands dirty in the gym.
  • Day 5. Figure out where you will be training. Does your gym have the equipment you need? (If you’re gym will only have dumbbells up to 50, you have to get creative and think of different way to make your sessions tougher.) Are you better training in a group setting or by yourself? Will it be too crowded when you’ll be looking to train where you’ll have to modify your session? (Think of Mondays when your looking to jump on a bench press station.) I know some of these factors seem like you might be overreaching, but trust me this goes into planning your program as well. Looking into this will actually free up time for you to do more things you like and less time standing around the gym waiting for machines and benches to free up.[NOTE] These next 2 days are crucial. Without them, you won’t be getting the max benefits you’ve planned out earlier in the week.
  • Day 6. Create a food list and figure out what supplements will suit your needs for your goal (if you choose to take them). Go back to what you did on Day 3 and make sure you’re food shopping and eating according to that plan.
  • Day 7. Take a couple hours and meal prep. THIS, along with day 6 are what will literally drive the rest of the week. Doing the rest of the work on days 1-5 and skipping out on your food list and meal prep is like driving the hottest, most expensive car in town without doing your regular maintenance. Sure, you look cool driving it but will you be getting the max performance from the machine? Probably not…and eventually stuff will stop working correctly. If you don’t prep your food for the week, you failing to plan. This will eventually lead you to eat out for lunch or dinner because its quick and easy, and your hungry. Not smart.The bottom line? You’re a man. Act like one. Instead of looking for a quick fix/cleanse/multi-day fast to try and lose body fat, grab your balls and try taking the week and setting up an actual plan. If you do what you’re supposed to do, and you will get the results you are supposed to get. Don’t do this stuff, and you’ll wonder why you’re in the same boat you’ve been in, paddling in circles.


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