If you’re anything like me, your training seasons revolve around 2 types of seasons. Bulking and cutting. Bulking = more calories, heavy weights, increasing muscle with minimal fat gain. Cutting = less calories, heavy weights, lose fat without losing muscle.

You love to gain muscle and lift heavy in fall and winter and lean out in the summer. Each goal has it’s own distinct challenges, but one of the main ones is maintaining your size and strength as you try and strip away body fat.

Anyone can lose weight, but lose fat you have to do it right.

Here’s what to do.

Video Summary:

Three things to remember when you’re looking to drop fat and keep muscle size:

[1] Keep lifting heavy. That’s what got you the size increase and jumps in strength in the first place. Without that, you will absolutely, 100% lose muscle mass.

[2] Cut Calories First. Don’t take a shotgun approach and cut calories, start doing cardio, and downing fat burning pills. The first adjustment should be calories. Try dropping 250-500 first and see how it affects your body. It might be all you need to do to start cutting fat.

[3] Add Conditioning after you get a grasp on your calories. Cardio and conditioning are different. Cardio’s sole purpose is to boost calorie expenditure and to improve cardio capacity. Conditioning on the other hand helps improve and maintain your strength. Stick with conditioning. (Kettlebell circuits, jump rope workouts, etc.)


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