Before we get into how you can add strong slabs of beef to your frame, remember – today’s Memorial Day. The official start of summer. But what makes this day different than all the other holidays that honor our servicemen and women?

It’s a day to remember the fallen. Those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I can sleep tight at night, enjoy the summer salt water down the Jersey Shore, and read the rest of this blog post.

It’s main focus should not be binge drinking, celebrating your flip cup win, eating as much barbecued meat as possible, or the freedom to kick ass everyday. Starting and ending the day with a prayer of thanks should be at the forefront of the day’s festivities.

Just make sure you know why you got to celebrate today and keep that in your back pocket when you’re taking that first sip of bourbon. Now on to today’s post.


How can you tell if a guy is truly STRONG? What do you look for?

In a world where many bros put much stock into ‘how much ya bench’, what truly makes a man strong, in my opinion (but since this is my blog, we’ll take it as gospel), is by gauging a few key physical features.

Here’s a hint – it’s not about training the the upper arms, or chest. It’s more about training the ‘Power Muscles’ – that’s your back, legs, and core.

Keep reading and see how YOU measure up…

[1] Thick, Dense Legs. Tree trunk legs made number 1 on the list. Why? Because 75% of guys who go to the gym don’t train them, and if they do – they don’t go hard enough. That’s right. If you actually do some sort of moderately intense leg training by doing squats, deadlifts, and assistance variations (leg curls, leg extensions, calf work), you’re in the minority. Make sure you hit your legs hard and often. I personally get GREAT muscle gain results when I focus on combining heavy leg workouts with high volume leg work. Think about something like 5 Sets of 4-6 reps or 3-4 sets of 20-30 reps.

[2] Thick, Wide Back. A thick,dense back is the next sign of spotting a strong bro in the gym. Is your back thick -and- wide, or wiry like your legs that cover in sweatpants at the beach? Most guys only train with workouts that work what I call the ‘Swole Muscles’. That’s the muscles that like like to see pumped – Chest, Arms, Shoulders. Think about it, anyone can build only the muscles they can see in the mirror, but to train your back for density, focus on workouts that involve heavy, strict rows (no cheating!), and make sure you’re eating enough. Think about combining 3-5 sets of heavy, controlled row variations, and build yourself up to weighted pullups.

[3] A Bone-Crushing Hand Shake. Real men train their grip strength regularly and develop not only huge forearms, but also a solid handshake. Nothing is more un-manly than someone who gives you a dead fish hoping you’ll go easy on them. Don’t be that guy. And if you encounter him, look him in the eyes and break his hand with your Fat Gripz-trained grip. Think about doing forearms curls and using Fat Gripz on EVERYTHING!

[4] Thick Friggin’ Abs. REAL abs look like pieces of steak, not like tilapia filets. You want solid, dense abs, you HAVE to train for them. Do the ab exercises that BUILD muscle, not just the ones that strengthen your core. That means contraction for reps. Replace planks with dumbbell weighted crunches, leg raises, band crunches, or better yet, dragon flags. Don’t bitch out when it comes to building up your midsection. Think about a high volume ab approach. 30-50 reps for 3-5 sets. Treat them like a legit muscle group and they will grow and respond accordingly.


While these 4 things are the main focus on building a solid strength base, you need to know you view the bench press or direct arm/shoulder work as a waste. They do have their place – it’s just that you can’t build a solid foundation without training the ‘Power Muscles’.

Think of it this way:

Training the ‘Swole Muscle’ groups is like signing A-Rod, while the training the ‘Power Muscle’ groups is like signing Jeter. If you can only sign one, you go with ‘the Cap’. You can at least build the rest of the team around him.


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