As we get older, joints start to click, creak, and in the worse cases hurt. A lot. Especially the shoulders. What do you do about it? Push through shoulder pain because you’re “hardcore” or work around it? (Be smart here.)

The 23 year old punk in you would tell you to stop being a puss and push through the pain – but its the 30 or 40-something year old in you that will have to pay for it later. Recovery and training smart is key to longevity in the iron game.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been wrestling with shoulder pain in my left shoulder for months. Some days are better than others where I can do light presses, and other days I can’t even do push ups.

BUT…regardless I don’t stop training, I simply work around it.

If you’re looking for help, you should ultimately see a PT — someone who can help you figure out what is actually wrong.

Either way, here is what has helped me get back on the bench.

Video Summary:

What helped alleviate my shoulder pain:
[1] Pre/Post Workout: Hang from a bar for 1-2 minutes with an overhand grip.

[2] During Workout: 10 pull aparts (overhand), 10 pull aparts (underhand), 10 dislocators between each set of presses

[3] Adjust the workout as needed. If you cant bench with the bar, try dumbbells. If you can’t bench with dumbbells, try bodyweight movements, etc.


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