You know you’re a beast bro if you don’t leave home without 2 things. [1] A plastic gallon of water filled with BCAAs (or in my case, my secret creatine loading mixture). [2] Your gym bag. You know you have all your essentials in your duffel. But…are they the right tools for the way YOU train?

Take a look at today’s video to see what I carry with me (yes I have a gym bag, even though I have own a gym). Watch the video to see why.

Video Summary:

Here’s the contents of my gym bag and links where you can get them yourself:

[1] Medium Nike Gym Bag – Roomy enough for shoes, belts, chalk, wraps, and an extra change of clothes.

[2] Tommy Kono Knee/Elbow Sleeves – Keep the knees and elbows warm, and compressed, and improve circulation. Make sure you order the correct size according to the instructions. A size smaller is better. for a tight, snug fit. [Small, Medium, Large, XL]

[4] Training Notebook – Simple way to track progress.

[5] O2 Trainer – Respiratory Trainer

[6] Bag Gloves and Boxing Wraps – Great for heavy bag conditioning.

[7] Converse Sneakers – Poor man’s squat shoes. Usually order a size smaller than you typically wear, they tend to run big.

[8] Wrist Straps, Elastic Wraps and Leather Powerlifting Belts – Great for heavy rowing and pulling, keeping your wrists protected, and giving core stability on heavy squats and deadlifts.

[9] Neoprene Wrist Wraps – Neoprene version of the wraps above.

[10] Gym Chalk – For that no-slip grip.

[11] Original Fat Gripz – Builds massive size and strength in forearms.

[12] Small Size Gorilla Grips – Smaller version of the Fat Gripz that are great for heavy lifts.

[13] Lacrosse Balls – Perfect for recovery work.

[13] Schiek Lifting Hooks – Good to use if you can’t grasp a bar on pulling movements because of an injury.

[15] Gym Boss Interval Timer – The best portable interval timer.

[16] Leather Jump Rope – Old-School conditioning tool that fits in your pocket.


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