What’s your leg workout look like? Do you have skinny legs? Do you like to wear sweatpants in the summer to hide them? Do you ONLY hit legs when you feel like it? Do you opt for the Leg Press over squatting because you can “leg press 1000 lbs for reps, bro”?

Get under a bar. This post is for you.

If you’re wondering why your legs aren’t (along with your chest, shoulders, arms, and back), you could be skipping out on one of the most beneficial exercises there is. The squat.

[NOTE] If you don’t skip squats but you know you’re not doing the weight that you should be in your given rep range, congratulations — you officially skip squats too. You might as well not do them and go back to leg pressing…bro.

So now that you’ve come to terms with the fact you’re holding back (for whatever reason), Uncle Beast is here to help you fix the issue.

Check out today’s video for a leg workout to help your legs — and the rest of your body — to grow like weeds.

Video Summary:

[Step 1] Squat. If you’re not squatting, you should be. Plain and simple. Stop limiting your workouts to leg pressing, leg extensions, and leg curls. You’re not fooling anyone. There’s a reason why you’re legs are not growing, it’s most likely because you’re skipping squats for “filler” exercises.

[Step 2] Squat with intensity. Don’t do 6-8 reps with a weight you can do 15 with. You might as well hop on the butt blaster machine…or better yet, that old dusty Nautilus groin machine (I know your gym has one…) to work those “inner” parts.

[Step 3] Man up. Squatting is tough. Squatting for gains is even tougher. Grab your balls and get to work. This means dropping your hips to a depth that is at least below your knees. If not, don’t be a hero. Drop the weight and do them right.

[Step 4] Work high volume sets into your leg workouts. This means doing a set of 20 at the end of your squat sets, or trying the reverse pyramid method I mention in the video.

[Step 5] Enjoy the fact that your legs and the rest of your body will start to grow as long as you’re getting enough sleep and calories.


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