We live in a world where the and ‘next best thing’ in the gym sells.

Just read any bodybuilding magazine cover:

“Crazy New Diet to Get Inside-Out Lean”

“Add 2 Inches to Your Arms in 1 Month”

“New Supplement Guaranteed to Boost Fat Loss”

“5 Killer Shake Weight Exercises to Improve Grip Strength”

Is this a problem? We’re going to cover some basic scenarios and I’ll let you be the judge.


[Scenario #1] You keep trying the mass-gain program of the month and none of them seem to work. “Program-of-the-Month”…That’s exactly the problem. Let’s just say you subscribe to some what these monthly publications put out. They know that your attention span and patience for the next big muscle building or fat loss program to work is a short one.

You don’t want results in 12 months, you want results in 12 days.

The Fix: Know that building pounds of muscle takes time, consistency, and patience. I would argue that it even takes MORE patience than to burn fat consistently. Think about it – anyone can ‘gain weight’, but can you gain mostly muscle? That’s the tough part. You need to train hard, you need rest, and you need to eat ENOUGH food (this is the big one for most guys) and you need to do it long enough on the same program to see those sweet gains. Most programs that are designed for a specific goal will work if you give it enough time (try 4-6 weeks).


[Scenario #2] You replace all your main lifts with some crazy variation of you’re main lifts with unnecessary equipment you see bros doing on the ‘gram. Here’s the problem. You can’t bench press 225 for more than a handful of reps and decide to replace the tried-and-true regular bench press with bench presses + chains, bands, or kettlebells hanging off the bar because that’s what all the jacked ‘instagram coaches’ or powerlifters are doing. You think adding cool stuff to the bar will add lbs to your 1 rep max.

The Fix: Ditch the fancy crap. There’s 2 types of guys who push similar exercises. [1] The Instagram Douchebag. This guy’s just looking for likes. Enough said. Ignore him and get back to the basics. [2] Super-strong powerlifters. Most of the powerlifting guys who do banded presses, bench with chains, or other fancy variations are already strong as fuck and got there from consistency in training, eating, and recovery. They can probably bench 225 like you do pushups. Focus on getting stronger with bars and plates FIRST. It can be done, you just have to focus on progression through alternating heavy and volume weeks. If you focus on the lifting with shiny objects before building a solid base first, your slow, plateau-ridden gains will show it.


[Scenario #3] You start mixing training programs and protocols without focusing on one MAIN goal. If you do this, you’re on a fast track to nowhere. Doing a little bit of everything makes you good at nothing.

The Fix: You want to gain muscle? Focus on training for that. You want to lose fat and maintain your mass? Focus on training for that. You want to increase poundage on your main lifts? Focus on training for that. It’s okay to mix and match training styles to an extent, but you should have one MAIN theme and follow a meal plan that tells you which foods to eat (in what amounts), train in the correct set and rep ranges no matter what equipment you have access to, and use supplements to help fill in the gaps in your personal nutrition and recover faster from your workouts.


I think the big takeaway from this post is that you MUST have dedicated plan whether it be training, nutrition, or supplementation, that you can make small tweaks to as you progress through the weeks.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your 315 bench press or 18″ arms.

Trust the process and simplify it based on your goals — and the process will work wonders.


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