In an attempt to build bigger arms, I’ve been training my biceps and triceps separately from the rest of my body. Today was the day. It felt awesome. Damn, I got one hell of a pump.

I usually train my arms with my larger muscle groups…but since I didn’t today I tried to find a way that I can maximize the quality of the workout and make sure I am on the right track to bigger arms. I couldn’t even fully bend my elbows when I was done. Check it out.

Video Summary

Arm training shouldn’t be complicated. Hi them hard, and with good form. BUT, sometimes you have to mix it up and try something new. Here’s what I did today, and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Try saving your ‘big bar lifts’ (bar curls/close grip bench press) for later in your arm workout. Doing the body weight or dumbbell/band movements first will allow you to focus on contraction and you’ll less be likely to cheat yourself out of solid reps. Many guys load the bar with too much weight (drop the ego) on bar curl variations and fail to get the most out of the workout by doing half reps for the sake of looking strong. [NOTE] Any gym rat who knows what their doing usually thinks that guy doing ‘hip thrust curls’ looks like an idiot (…notice how that guy’s arms NEVER grow either? They look the same since the gym’s been open). When you get to the bar lifts for your arms, do them right and reap the benefits.


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