This weekend was a ROUGH one. I lost some muscle and strength and spent a couple days throwing up. I took my at-bat and struck out – but refused to strike out looking.

I spent all day Saturday prepping for our big 5 year anniversary party at the gym the following day, and around 3pm it hit me. BANG!

I started not to feel so hot. Got some chills, a bit of a headache, and my body felt like I just went through my first week of a 3-a-day football camp in August.

After putting up all the tables and chairs, I decided I was going to stop being such a puss and talk myself into putting some weight on the bar before I went home for the day. Saturday’s workout was a Leg Day that called for Squats AND Deadlifts (I know, I know, I’m a real rebel).


I only went as high as 225 for both. The bar felt heavy, my grip felt like shit, and I continued to talk myself through the workout as if it were some kind of bad dream.

I wrapped up, not happy with the progress that day (I even refused to write down my weights I used in my training notebook), and went home. At least I got something in.

Still felt ‘off’.

Later that night, I had a little dinner and tried to go to bed – hoping I didn’t get bit by the same crazy stomach bug that my little daughter was hit hard with a few days before.

Woke up at 1am and RAN to the bathroom. Up came dinner. It was official. The beast was hit by the bug. I threw up the entire night and barely slept.

Finally woke up on the bathroom floor and got ready for the party on Sunday.

I made it through 5 hours of entertaining our awesome gym members and did my best to show them I was ‘fine’ even though many of them came up to me to tell me I looked green. (Thanks, you guys are the best!)

It was a great turn out, but once everyone left I had to lay down, and let my body rest for a minute.

My parents and I cleaned up and I got the hell out of there. I don’t even remember the drive home.

Monday wasn’t much better, but as the day went on I started to get my bearings a bit more.

Today, I woke up today full force – back to the grind.

I may have barely eaten in 3 days, lost weight and probably strength (every meathead’s biggest fear), but guaranteed I’ll be back in the gym 100% pushing weight after I coach my sessions tonight – even if I’m weaker than last week.


Why am I telling you all this?

Because you NEED to understand that life will happen. There will be times things will get in the way or days you’ll have to perform in less than perfect conditions.

You will have days where you have to literally drag yourself off the floor, get dressed, and get a move on.

You will have days when you have to force yourself to train and talk yourself though – even if the workout turns out to be a shitty one.

Everyone has bad days. It’s inevitable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit. They have bad days – they either [1] hide them from the world, or [2] change their mindset immediately when they catch themselves thinking negatively.

It’s what you do to get yourself through these days and how you change your mindset when these days arise that show who you REALLY are.

Will you train when times are less then perfect?

Will you continue to eat well when you’re craving carbs?

Will you continue to set the example to those who look up to you?

Will you do all these things even if no one else knows you stayed the course?


Success in anything comes down to 3 simple things.

But, the most important is showing up and doing the work when you don’t feel like it no matter who’s watching.

It’s what separates the men from the boys, and the beasts from the men.

When in doubt, do the work.

Not every instance is going to be a home run. You may hit a couple singles or doubles, and may even strike out a bit. What matters is that you don’t strike out looking.


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