No matter what my workload looks like each week, I have a few ‘non-negotiables’ on Sundays.

Every Sunday I try not to work and spend more time with my family, train in the afternoon, and get my meal prep out of the way. It sets me up for success for whats coming the week ahead.

I don’t care what anyone says…you’re Sundays are what 100% set you up for the week. Not Monday. If you’re expecting Monday to be great, but don’t take care of business each Sunday, you’re short changing yourself and will likely have a shitty week.

Use Sundays as a day of rest and renewal, and you’ll see what I mean.

I suggest you try it out and set aside your non-negotiables. Work will always be there on Monday 🙂


Just in case you’re curious, here was today’s workout…

[NOTE: You might need a GymBoss Timer for this workout to keep accurate time]

20 on, 10 off (20 seconds of an exercise, 10 second break) for 30 minutes (60 rounds)

Jump Rope
Kettlebell Swings
Jump Rope
Kettlebell Goblet Squats
Jump Rope
Kettle Bell Rows
Jump Rope
Jump Rope
Band Over Head Press

Finished with one of my Badass Ab Workouts.


Circuits like these are killer to get in when you are pressed for time and want to still get something in without feeling beat up like you do after a heavy lifting session. I actually feel better than before I completed it.

If you want to check out how to make super simple jump rope workouts like this one part of your weekly Fat Burning routine, check out Parking Lot Conditioning or, for FREE program access that teaches you how to make your own conditioning workouts that you can even use as a finisher for your lifting sessions CLICK HERE! (You know what conditioning after weights means? More Fat Loss.)


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