You’ve been there. Training is locked in and things are going great in the gym. Weights are moving well, and you’re getting stronger. Every week you’re adding a little more weight to the bar or you’re getting one more rep than you did last week.

Then, all of a sudden it stops. You’re stuck at moving the same weight. You can’t get that extra rep. You’re feel like your body’s maxed out.

There’s a few things you can do to help reset your body and get back on track.


[1] Stop training so much. In order to produce change, you need to provide your body with a stimulus which will cause your body to adapt, but there is a chance you could be overdoing it. When your body’s ability to adapt and change is out muscled by the little time you’re giving it, your body will pull the emergency brake. Instead of going balls out 5 days per week with heavy weight or high volume, try and reduce training to 3 days -or- cut your training volume in half on the 5 days you do train (only do half the sets you were doing before). Slowly build back up each week to where you were. I can almost guarantee when by the time you get back to your original training schedule, your body will be stronger and bigger due to the fact you’re giving it time to catch up.

[2] Try single arm/leg work. Instead to simply shooting for the standard bench press, dumbbell flies or bar squat, try doing your sets focusing on single arm dumbbell bench presses, single arm flies, or single leg (split) squats for a few weeks. You’ll focus more on form (you’ll have to), and it will allow you to focus on getting your lifts up on the one side. When you train your limbs individually, it could be the jump-start your need for new gains. (Check thee video below and fast forward to the 1:00 mark to see what I’m talking about – and snag your free Muscle Building Gift!)


[3] Use thick-grip bars. Most gyms don’t have the luxury of having thick grip dumbbells or a fat bar, but you can change that with this simple, inexpensive tool. I used them for weeks on ALL movements and I went from 12 pullups to 20. No bullshit. Try them yourself and see the difference in strength.

[4] Check your diet. As usual, everything reverts back to what you’re eating. Low carb and ‘keto’ type diets are the new craze. What people forget is that carbs are the best energy source for lifting, and without them performance in the gym (yes, even strength) suffers. Try ditching the ‘no carb’ or keto diet and eat some carbs around your training. No, you won’t die if you come out of ketosis. If you want to learn the exact nutrition program that allowed me to drop 35 lbs and go from 18% body fat to 6%, check this out.

If you try one of these quick tips, I’m you’ll be adding more weight to the bar in no time!


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