Last night my 2 year old woke up screaming with a heavy barking cough. She was up all night. My wife and I was up off and on until about 4:30am (needed to be up by 5am). Dad life, right?

Here’s the issue. Today was a heavy squat day, on less than 1 hour of sleep. Smart idea? Definitely not…but its not to say you shouldn’t train at all, just use your judgement.

Remember, sleep is a necessary component of recovery. If you don’t get enough (trust me I’m still working on it, too) your hormones will be off, your strength will shoot down, and your muscle building and fat loss efforts my be put on hold for a bit.

Ever feel like this? Here’s what to do:

Video Summary:

  • When it comes to no sleep, use your judgement. If you can, keep training but push your intense lifting session back a day and focus on low intensity conditioning or strength training. Maybe even his a recovery workout with body weight and bands.
  • Nutrition is a huge factor in hitting your fitness goals regardless of sleep, but when you’re not sleeping enough, perfect nutrition could help you recover better.
  • Supplements help as well. Because I average about 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I need to make sure that the sleep I’m getting is top notch.
    • This is why I take a natural sleep aid to help knock me out – so the sleep that I am getting is a bit deeper.
    • A solid multi-vitamin/mineral supplement can help plug in the holes in your nutrition since not everyone can eat perfect all the time. I personally use this one which is the absolute best on the market. It’s custom-made for you based on your height, weight, medications, health history, etc. It comes in easy, daily packs you take with your first meal and last meal. (Just create a profile and it will run you through the free health and wellness assessment).
    • Magnesium Recovery Oil helps relax you at night as well to sleep a bit deeper. Here is the one I use.
  • Remember, if you have a hard time controlling your sleep, you can control the other factors of recovery like your nutrition and supplements.


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