Since it’s Monday, I figured I would write something that could get you guys fired up for the week to come. Trust me this is a good one. Get ready…

Despite what you’ve been told, successful people are not a different breed. The people themselves are the same – it’s [1] how they approach the situation their in, [2] what their mindset tells them is true about their vision, goals, and future, [3] and what they are willing to do with the time they have to make their lofty dreams a reality — that make them different.

Depending on who your Facebook friends are and what you read on your news feed, you might find that many self-proclaimed successful people preach about being lions, beasts, or any other animal-type that comes up on the motivational meme of the day…because they know you will read it (since you’re constantly checking your Facebook) and either associate with it and allow it to justify how awesome you are [scenario 1], or feel inadequate as if they are more successful than you [scenario 2].

Here lie the problems.

In the first scenario, you associate with this ‘lion’ because you both ‘don’t concern yourselves with the opinion of sheep.’ [or however the hell that stupid meme goes] and you pat yourself on the back and mentally give yourself a quick ‘hell yeah’ — BUT you forget the fact that you are scouring your news feed timeline for these oh-so-powerful meme’s that you forget that you’re taking part in something that makes you the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re patting yourself on the back for.

You’re actually allowing someone else’s definition of what being a lion means permeate your mindset. See, lions and beasts – they don’t allow others ideals, opinions, and views permeate shit. Have your own views. Stand for them until the grave, and don’t let anyone else (yes, even OTHER lions) tell you otherwise. If you do, you deserve to be unsuccessful, walked on, and ridden with excuses on why stuff isn’t going your way – you’re not being true to you. What the quote should say is “Lions don’t concern themselves with opinions. Period.”

In the second scenario, you’re reading these supposedly motivational memes, pictures or posts and start dwelling on why your life sucks, and post it to Facebook to try and get other negative sympathizers to chime in to feel sorry for you and tell you how awesome you are. Stop being a whiny bitch. You are 100% in control of what you have and don’t have. In all honesty, if this sounds like you, you’re the person that annoys me the most, and I probably already unsubscribed from you on Facebook — but there’s still hope for you. We’re going to cover it in this post.

Keep reading.

If you want to be successful – I mean REALLY be successful – there’s 3 main things you need to do. These three things are characteristics that I’ve found with not only myself but with any person that is killing it in their space. Think the top 3 people who, in your mind, epitomize success. They will have these traits.

[1] Successful people forget others opinions on about them, their talent, dreams, and vision. We all have talents. We all have dreams. We all have a vision of what an enjoyable life would be like. Are you living it? If you’re not using your talents and your not moving toward your dreams, you’re already dead. You need to be reborn into a new way of thinking. You are great, and deep inside you may even know that there’s that ONE THING that you do that makes you different. You NEED to follow that voice no matter what others say.

[Story] Before I moved the PIT last summer, I was in a major rut. I was turned down by multiple banks for a business loan even though I was profitable for years and had a qualified co-signer.

I was told over and over again from people in the industry that my vision for the gym was wrong, that I couldn’t continue to run a gym like I was running it, and that I needed to revamp my programs, pricing structure, and vision.

I was told that it was a waste of time to continue creating an online training business because it’s a crowded space and I didn’t have a very profitable gym first.

After months of hearing this and questioning my own vision and values, I started to believe it and guess what? People started leaving my gym. People weren’t signing up. Tight money became tighter. I started questioning who I actually was and if MY vision for MY future was right.

I felt defeated.You know what I did? I started to tune that shit out. I had enough. I grabbed my balls, started programming my sessions the way that made sense to me, and scrounged up a couple grand just in case the opportunity to move the gym presented itself.

I kept building my online business. I went back to my original vision for the gym – the one that spoke to me. Guess what happened?I signed a new lease at a new gym space 4 months later WITHOUT the $100K loan I wanted from the bank or a ‘plan b’.

My gym is having an all-time record month and it’s not even over. My online training business is up and running and is going to be unlike anything that out there right now.

I stopped questioning myself and stopped listening to the negative bullshit from people who didn’t understand MY vision. How could they see it? It wasn’t their vision to begin with.

Make sure you have a firm grasp of your vision, and stick to your guns. Chances are, if you’re gut’s telling you is right its right, and if you’re gut’s telling you it’s wrong, it’s wrong.


[2] Successful people do whatever is necessary even if no one is watching them do it. This is a big one. Many people either feel the need to have someone else validate their decision before they take action to do something or feel the need to be told what to do. Fuck that.

While you’re waiting for someone to give you the green light, and tell you your idea is cool the REAL beasts already cranked the music, punched the gas, and blew by you. Permission is for pussies. Make a hard decision, set a deadline and get to work.

You might have to stay up late, get up early, and do shit that no one ever sees – but, real beasts do what real beasts do. Remember this quote: “Champions are built behind closed doors.

[Video] No story for this one, since I think this old commercial for HBO Boxing sums this up perfectly.


[3] Successful people spend less comparing themselves to others and more time focusing on themselves. Your success and making your dreams into a reality is focused around 1 universal rule. Good or bad, raging success or miserable failure, it all falls on you.

How can you be successful if you’re worried about comparing yourself to others and what they do or have? If you were to go on Facebook this very moment you would see how ‘amazing’ everyone’s lives are. We can tell exactly what cars our friends drive, what vacation they went on, how awesome their kids are at sports, and how amazing their marriage is

You ever wonder why you’re driving a car you don’t like, why your vacation isn’t as amazing as the one you saw Joey Bagadonuts go on on Facebook, why your kids aren’t as good at baseball as Joey’s kid, or why your marriage isn’t as great as Joey’s?

It’s because you focus is on Joey’s life and not your own. (I know – mind blown, right?) Focus on your own shit, and you own shit will be awesome too. Focus on reaching your goals, and you’ll be able to drive a sick car like me (I just bought a 1996 T-Bird with a cassette deck. Jealous?). Focus on spending time practicing with your kid to show them the value or hard work and working TOWARDS something they may not be good at, and you’re son or daughter will be swinging for the fences because YOU took the time out to teach them how. Focus on trying to get a better grasp on things at home, and you marriage will be great again.

Shut Facebook down once in a while and create YOUR ideal life. Not competing with one that probably isn’t as perfect as the person posting wants you to believe.

[Story] When I first opened I made the mistake of caring about what other gyms in the area were doing. Rookie mistake. I was reactive instead of proactive. I spent nights trying to change things I was doing based on what they were doing.

Some of my friends fueled the fire – not because they were trying to be dicks, but because according to them I should always know what ‘my competition was doing’. I spent so much time being reactive that I couldn’t focus on following my vision and making The PIT an awesome place to train.

To this day, I still follow and keep tabs on my competition, but nowadays my competition is me. When you focus on others, you automatically put yourself on the podium for the silver medal. Since I focus solely on MY business, and don’t give two shits about what other gyms are doing, they’re the ones trying to keep pace with me now.

Remember: “Winner focus on winning, losers focus on winners.”

I’m curious to know…what are your biggest takeaways from this post? Comment below and let me know.


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